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Upgrading versions

To upgrade to the latest version of Prisma ORM:

  1. Review release notes on GitHub for breaking changes and new features.

  2. Upgrade both of the following packages to the same version:

  3. Upgrade your codebase where applicable. Breaking changes may require you to change your Prisma schema or the way you use Prisma Client.


codemods help you refactor your code to account for breaking changes - for example, the 2.12.0 codemod automatically renames findOne to findUnique.

Common upgrade paths

Prisma ORM 2 and onwards

Prisma 1

Testing new features, without upgrading

dev distribution tag

The dev Npm distribution tag points to the most recent development version of the package, which is published for each commit to the main branch of prisma/prisma. You can use the dev distribution tag to verify a fix or test a feature before it is officially released.

To install the latest dev distribution tag:

npm install @prisma/client@dev prisma@dev

Do not use the dev distribution tag in production - wait until the official release that contains the features and fixes you are interested in is released. For example, fixes present @prisma/client@2.23.0-dev.25 will eventually be released as part of @prisma/client@2.23.0.