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The United States' most popular databases by state going into 2022

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Databases, at their core, store and organize data to serve a multitude of purposes. To meet modern challenges, databases have evolved to include different types, functions, and features. A particular database may be the preferred option over another because of its unique capabilities or because of other databases’ limitations. This plethora of options makes it interesting to understand where different populations lean when selecting their database.

As a next-generation open-source ORM designed to abstract away the functions of traditional management systems to improve developer productivity, we at Prisma were curious to learn which databases are most predominant throughout the United States. So, we performed a bit of research on our own. Check out the map to see what database is each state’s favorite going into 2022 - the results may surprise you!


United States' Top Databases going into 2022

Interesting finds

  • Microsoft Access is the overall favorite database for the entire country, taking the top spot in 26 states.
  • IBM Db2 came in dead last, with only two states (Minnesota & Wisconsin) claiming it as their top database pick.
  • Three states tied for their favorite databases
    • Arizona tied between Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access
    • Virginia tied between MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Elasticsearch
    • District of Columbia tied between Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Access
  • 33 states’ favorite databases are Microsoft-owned products.
  • Redis is popular among coastal states like New York, California, and Washington.


We looked at the 10 most popular databases across the nation and analyzed their Google Trends search volume data over the past 12 months to determine each state’s favorite.

For each state, we observed, recorded, and compared the predominance of search activity for the following databases:

  1. Oracle
  2. MySQL
  3. Microsoft SQL Server
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. MongoDB
  6. Redis
  7. IBM Db2
  8. ElasticSearch
  9. SQLite
  10. Microsoft Access
AlaskaMicrosoft Access
AlaskaMicrosoft Access
ArizonaMicrosoft SQL Server/ Microsoft Access
ArkansasMicrosoft Access
DelawareMicrosoft Access
District of ColumbiaOracle/PostrgeSQL/Microsoft Access
FloridaMicrosoft Access
GeorgiaMicrosoft Access
HawaiiMicrosoft Access
IllinoisMicrosoft Access
IndianaMicrosoft SQL Server
IowaMicrosoft Access
KansasMicrosoft Access
KentuckyMicrosoft Access
LouisianaMicrosoft Access
MaineMicrosoft Access
MarylandMicrosoft Access
MichiganMicrosoft SQL Server
MinnesotaIBM Db2
MississippiMicrosoft Access
MissouriMicrosoft SQL Server
MontanaMicrosoft Access
NebraskaMicrosoft Access
NevadaMicrosoft Access
New HampshireMySQL
New JerseyMongoDB
New MexicoSQLite
New YorkRedis
North CarolinaMongoDB/SQLite
North DakotaMicrosoft Access
OhioMicrosoft SQL Server
OklahomaMicrosoft Access
PennsylvaniaMicrosoft Access
Rhode IslandMicrosoft Access
South CarolinaMicrosoft Access
South DakotaSQLite
TennesseeMicrosoft Access
VirginiaMySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/ElasticSearch
West VirginiaMicrosoft Access
WisconsinIBM Db2
WyomingMicrosoft Access
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