The ORM that plays well with any framework

Prisma is a Node.js and TypeScript ORM that integrates easily with modern technology stacks, databases, and frameworks.


Prisma can be used in any Node.js or TypeScript backend application.
js logoJavaScript
ts logoTypeScript


Prisma works seamlessly across most popular databases and service providers.
PostgreSQL logoPostgreSQL
SQL Server logoSQL Server
SQLite logoSQLite
MongoDB logoMongoDB
CockroachDB logoCockroachDB
Planetscale logoPlanetscale
MariaDB logoMariaDB


Here is a non-exhaustive list of libraries and frameworks you can use with Prisma.
React logoReact
Next js logoNextJS
NestJS logoNestJS
Apollo logoApollo
hapi logoHapi
GraphQL logoGraphQL
Express logoExpress
Fastify logoFastify
If you want to explore Prisma with any these technologies or others, you can checkout our ready-to-run examples.
Explore drop-in extensible solutions created by members of the Prisma Community.