Make your database queries faster

Accelerate is a managed connection pooler with global caching. Increase query speeds with just a few lines of code.

Connection pooling in 15+ regions

Enable highly scaleable and reliable serverless and edge workloads on managed infrastructure with full tenant isolation. Bring the connection pooler close to your database to decrease latencies.

Global caching in 300+ PoPs

Easily add query caching to your application in just a few lines of code, with no infrastructure to manage. Choose the right cache strategy for each of your queries, tailored exactly to your app.

More traffic? No problem.

Accelerate's connection pooler ensures that your database can handle all queries, while caching allows you to handle more traffic with fewer resources.

Distribute your data, not your database

Decrease latencies by bringing the cached result closer to the user without changing anything in your database infrastructure.

Decrease database load

Get more out of the database you already have. Cut down on reads and compute by caching queries, optimizing resource usage and cost.

Database access via Accelerate

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~5ms response time

Faster development, easy integration & setup

Focus on the core competencies of your team. We'll take care of building and managing infrastructure components, and ensuring full tenant isolation for you.

Great Prisma DX

Caching that feels like part of your ORM and existing workflow, with type-safety and autocomplete.

Prisma CLI

Easily configure Accelerate without leaving your terminal and automate its configuration in your CI environments.

Bring your own database

Works with the database you already have, whether it's publicly accessible, or via an IP allowlist. If you switch down the line, it’s as easy as updating your connection string.

Supported databases

A unified space for team collaboration on projects

The Platform Console allows you to configure features, collaborate on projects, manage membership and billing directly within each workspace.

Works the way you do

Reflect the way you and your team develop projects with workspaces, projects and environments.

Explore your usage

Monitor queries served and cache utilization through the insights dashboard. Compare latency of cached and non-cached queries to understand the impact on application and database performance.

How you can use Accelerate

Content-first applications

Accelerate is perfect for blogs or applications with high demand.

  • Content that rarely changes can be efficiently managed with extended TTLs, allowing it to be loaded quickly. The option to purge cache for an environment makes it easy to clear out old content when updates are necessary.
  • Designed for a global audience, Accelerate enhances the user experience by ensuring fast, consistent data retrieval with low-latency access across diverse regions.

Pricing that scales with you

Prisma Accelerate is priced based on usage. Choose the right plan for your workspace based on your project requirements.

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Make your database queries faster

Simply enable Accelerate on a new or existing project, add it to your app, and start using in your database queries.

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