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Global database cache available in over 280 locations with built-in connection pooling
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Up to x1000 faster database queries

with a global cache and scalable connection pooling for Serverless appsTest Accelerate's speed


Reduce your database query latency to as little as 5ms and decrease the load on your database.


Accelerate provides a fully managed connection pool allowing you to scale your application with ease.

Cache control

Accelerate extends your Prisma Client with an intuitive API offering granular control over established caching patterns on a per-query basis.

Database + Accelerate

~5 ms

response time

Database BalloonServers BalloonClient BalloonAcceelerate Caching Balloon

Connection Pooling

Accelerate features a reliable and scalable connection pool for serverless and edge environments. Avoid exhausting your database connections and ensure efficient delivery of all your requests to your users.

Frequently asked questionsFAQs

What are the requirements for Accelerate?
A project using Prisma ORM 4.16.1 or newer with a publicly accessible database.
How can existing users of Prisma Data Platform use Accelerate?
Log in here and create a project to get started with Accelerate.
Does Accelerate work in edge runtimes?
Accelerate has seamless support for edge runtimes such as Cloudflare Workers and Vercel Edge Functions.
Can I use Accelerate in production?
While in Preview release status, we are still ironing out some rough edges in Accelerate; hence we advise against using it in production.
After the Preview phase, Accelerate will reach GA (General Availability) and be ready for production use. We welcome any feedback you may have on Accelerate as you test it out. Please share your thoughts with us on Discord or Slack.
Where can I learn more about pricing?
Accelerate is free in Preview, and we'll share more information about pricing as we get closer to a GA (General Availability) release.

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