October 26, 2023

Prisma Accelerate now in General Availability

Now in General Availability: Dive into Prisma Accelerate, enhancing global database connections with connection pooling and edge caching for fast data access.

Prisma Accelerate now in General Availability

Developing data-driven applications comes with its challenges, and efficient database connections and swift data retrieval are essential. The Prisma ORM is key for database access and now, with Prisma Accelerate, we provide a solution that offers not only global connection pooling across 16 regions but also edge caching. It guarantees efficient and low-latency database interactions.

What is Prisma Accelerate?

  • Evolved Connection Pooling: Available in 16 regions globally, Prisma Accelerate’s connection pooler ensures reliability and efficient database interactions, regardless of the database's geographical location.
  • Global Edge Caching: Improve data retrieval speeds by caching frequently accessed data in over 280 locations worldwide, reducing the latency for repetitive database queries.


Prisma Accelerate is priced based on your usage, and our Starter, Pro, and Business plans are now available to everyone. You can get started for free and only pay for what you need with full control over your costs, which we calculate based on the number of requests and your egress.

To see the specifics of each plan, and to find the perfect fit for your needs, explore our detailed Pricing page.

Launch Special until Nov 12, 2023 - As part of Prisma Accelerate’s GA launch, we're excited to celebrate with you and offer a 50% lifetime discount on the base price of our Pro and Business plans when you subscribe by November 12, 2023.

Prisma Accelerate in Production

To see what Prisma Accelerate can do, let's take a look at its implementation in two real-world cases:

Cal.com: Enhancing scheduling efficiency

The logo of Cal.com

Cal.com, a popular open-source scheduling platform, provides appointment bookings for a diverse range of users. Given the high frequency of appointments scheduled every minute, they recognized the importance of swift database access in delivering the best user experience, especially during peak times.

Prisma Accelerate's robust connection pooling is designed to handle high volumes of database interactions efficiently. For platforms like Cal.com, this means over 4M queries every day to enable seamless management of appointments, even with heavy traffic peaks.

Prisma Accelerate seamlessly complements our platform, powering Cal.com to handle millions of database queries every day, across our global user base.

Peer Richelsen | Co-Founder @ Cal.comPeer Richelsen | Co-Founder @ Cal.com

Formbricks: Privacy-first survey suite

The logo of Formbricks

Formbricks, an open-source experience management platform, streamlines user interactions, understanding their sentiments toward products. As a tool that facilitates real-time insights through surveys and feedback, swift and reliable database interactions are crucial.

Leveraging Prisma Accelerate's connection pooling, Formbricks achieves seamless and rapid data access, with high-traffic peaking at 7M queries in a 24-hour time period. This allows them to maintain consistent performance, even when faced with unpredictable user traffic, ensuring a smooth experience for all their users.

Thanks to Prisma Accelerate, we can seamlessly scale our serverless applications without concerns about data layer performance.

Matti Nannt | Co-Founder @ FormbricksMatti Nannt | Co-Founder @ Formbricks

Prisma Accelerate and the Data DX Vision

With the rise in data complexity, developers encounter mounting challenges in managing, integrating, and deploying data-centric solutions. Data DX champions a simplified approach to data-driven application development, avoiding unnecessary complexity while retaining depth and detail. Prisma Accelerate aligns perfectly with this philosophy, serving as a pivotal tool in our Data DX journey.

Time to get started

We are incredibly excited about Prisma Accelerate and can't wait to see what you’ll build with it. As you dive in, please share your thoughts, engage with us on Discord, and let's build amazing data-driven applications together!

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