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What is Pulse

Prisma Pulse is managed database-event infrastructure that captures and distributes your database events to your application. It simplifies subscribing to type-safe data changes with an extended Prisma Client to power real-time functionality.

How Prisma Pulse works

Prisma Pulse leverages Change Data Capture (CDC) to efficiently observe and capture database changes as they occur. By monitoring the database's transaction log, Prisma Pulse identifies change events like inserts, updates, and deletes without impacting the database's performance.

The captured events are processed, evaluated, and swiftly distributed to relevant client subscriptions ensuring your applications stay synchronized with the latest database state.

This eliminates the need for complex polling or manual data synchronization, saving you development time and effort.

What is Pulse

What you can build with Prisma Pulse

Prisma Pulse can power real-time functionality like chat, notifications, data broadcast, data synchronization, and more. It's ideal for ensuring data consistency in distributed systems, enhancing real-time user experiences.

Prisma Pulse use-cases


Here are a few example projects using Prisma Pulse:

pulse-starterGeneral Pulse starter project.
pulse-resend-demoOptimize your onboarding with Pulse by triggering welcome emails via Resend for new user sign-ups.