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Unsupported database features

Prisma Migrate uses the Prisma schema to determine what features to create in the database. However, some database features cannot be represented in the Prisma schema , including but not limited to:

  • Stored procedures
  • Triggers
  • Views
  • Partial indexes

To add an unsupported feature to your database, you must customize a migration to include that feature before you apply it.


The Prisma schema is able to represent unsupported field types and native database functions.


This guide does not apply for MongoDB.
Instead of migrate dev, db push is used for MongoDB.

Customize a migration to include an unsupported feature

To customize a migration to include an unsupported feature:

  1. Use the --create-only flag to generate a new migration without applying it:

    npx prisma migrate dev --create-only
  2. Open the generated migration.sql file and add the unsupported feature - for example, a partial index:

    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX tests_success_constraint
    ON posts (subject, target)
    WHERE success;
  3. Apply the migration:

    npx prisma migrate dev
  4. Commit the modified migration to source control.